Friday, January 10, 2014

Coming of Age

              It seems that our culture loves these new sort of “coming of age” stories.  And they are not just for teenagers and young adults; there are coming of age stories about adults well advanced in years.  Each a great awakening, a rebirth in a new season, and a chance to start anew.  Whether they are just starting out, becoming empty nesters, divorce’s, etc.  Our culture seems to hunger for this awakening, for freedom.
              That makes me think…what made them feel bound?  My personal opinion is the “religiosity” of previous generations that smacked of laws and rules rather than boundaries based on trust in our graceful and loving God. 
              A rebirth?  Yes!  We need a rebirth – into the life and spirit of God, killing the flesh with it’s desires that consumed and enslaved us, and birth into a life with a spirit that brings us health and fulfillment, righteousness and Truth.
              A Great Awakening?  PLEASE!  Christians, churchgoers, do gooders – WAKE UP!!!  Our God is not dead He is surely alive, and He is so so so much more than a list of rules and weekly church attendance.  In fact, if those things do not flow out of love and trust in Him, out of relationship with Him, I dare say they are pointless, fruitless efforts.  God is relevant!  He cares about what hurts, and He wants to make us whole, make us meaningful, and make our lives worth living.  He created us for adventure and life abundant.
              God, please help me, help us to see You.  Please let us reflect well the greatness of Your love and kindness, and let us live lives of faith filled adventure with You – let us live ALIVE!  God, please help us to live lives that are pleasing to You, and attractive to others.  Let us radiate!  No one wants to eat a steak off a dirty plate, and Lord, you are the most savory steak – let our plates be clean, and let us enjoy the steak!  Thank You that You are so wonderful!

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