Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Reason...

I know some people feel strongly in saying things like "Jesus is the reason for the season" or "Keep Christ in Christmas".  But to a world that's perishing, those just seem like semantics.

In this day when people are leaving the church by the droves and renouncing the faith of their parents and grandparents because it seems binding and irrelevant in the world that we live, sentiments like this just smack of religiosity to me.  

And when I think about how we "do" Christmas as we set holiday precedents and traditions with our young children...these really are not the points that I want to focus on with them. 

Instead of characterizing Christmas as a "religious" or "Holy-day", I characterize it more as a day that is generally accepted by most as a season of celebration, gathering together, feasting, and gift giving.  But for us, because we know Christ, He is always the reason we celebrate.  Every celebration, every good gift, every blessing, comes from Him.  Anything that is worth getting excited about points back to Him.

Christmas is a time when we often spend more time reflecting specifically on the miracle of Christ's birth and we celebrate His birthday with a special party just like we do for all those we love.  But it is not because of some religious obligation or duty.  We celebrate because we are thankful, because we are free, because we are blessed.

"Christmas" may mean a great many things to a great many people.  To some gifts and parties, to some pain and loss, and still others a consumer-driven holiday, but to those who have known the sweet taste of freedom in life with Christ, every time we celebrate we will always remember Christ, because He is the reason for every celebration.  He is the reason we are alive and we are free.

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