Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Father's Daughter

Growing up everyone always told me I looked just like my dad.  Well, I'm a girl, so I didn't really like that, but my mom told me that growing up everyone always told my dad that he would have been a pretty girl, then she would say, "and they were right"...that one always makes me smile.

And even now, I'll meet people who know my dad and as soon as they find out who I am they are shocked at our resemblance.

I love it when you can start to see traits of their family in kids.  Like my little Mason man - well he really is the spitting image of my dad at his age.  It's nuts!  But his personality, oh my gosh, just like Scott (my hubbie)!  That boy will talk your ear off, and he is quite the little ham.

It has me I look like my Father?  Not just my dad, but my Heavenly Father.  Do I sound like Him?  If you had seen Him or knew Him, would you be able to tell that I am His daughter?  See the thing is, like babies, we don't often look much like anyone at first (except a fat old man), but the older we get, the clearer our resemblance becomes.  And the more we spend time with our family, the more we catch their mannerisms and phrases, the more we sound like them and think like them.

I mean I was born with a head full of jet black hair and dark eyes - a year later my hair was white blonde and I had blue eyes, and by the time I was five you could pick me out of a crowd as Doug's daughter.  These days I find myself often wearing my hair like my mom without thinking about it, and picking styles that she likes.  My mom my sister and I sound sooo similar on the phone, and even though Kati and I are eight years apart some people would swear we are twins.

So my question is - Am I looking more like Jesus?  Am I talking with the Holy Spirit so much that I sound like Him?  Can you tell I am my Father's daughter?

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