Monday, October 7, 2013

Uniquely Feminine

Female friendships are so often wrought with biting jabs, carefully calculated insults, and sharp zings all while smiling and kissing each other's cheeks.  I saw a post on pinterest that was an older man telling his son not to try to understand women, because only women can understand women, and they hate each other.  Ugh!  Why???!!!

I was sharing some struggles with a wise girlfriend the other day, and she shared with me some wise insight.  We must seek to pull up the roots of jealousy, comparison, criticism, and insecurity lurking beneath the surface of our carefully glossed smiles.  We must seek the Lord to heal these areas of our hearts for the purpose of intimate female friendship - it is essential, which is why it is under attack.  Girlfriends, there is an enemy of our souls, and he would love nothing more than for us to never have true female friendship.  He would love for our insecurity and jealousy to keep us guarded from each other, and throw daggers cloaked as jokes when we come near.  

God created woman strong, innovative, nurturing, fiercely loyal, protective, and kind...we are essentially needed.  We need one another.  Why do we allow the enemy to gain ground by tearing one another down, especially when we so well know the trials and challenges of womanhood full well?

Thank You God for these beautiful women.  Please show them the roots of insecurity, jealousy, criticism, and comparison or others that are driving a wedge between their female friendships.  Bring them to light so that they can be uprooted and the holes healed.  Help them to sow in loving kindness, compassion, confidence in their own identity in You, and Truth so that they can reap intimate, life giving friendships to hold them up when they become weary or tired, to celebrate at the joys of life, and to cry on one another's shoulders in times of pain.  And thank You God, that You have created us in Your image, uniquely feminine, and that we are Your precious daughters.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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