Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Preparing for Battle

          I have often been tempted to believe that life with Christ is nothing more than dull religion.  A life of quiet prudence.  Prudence – ugh – don’t you just hate that word – it makes me think of all the times I dared to turn something down I knew was not right and my friends called me a “prude”.  In the times I ran from God it was mostly because I was seeking adventure; I wanted a life of bravery and excitement, not being a quiet, goody-goody prude.  Ha!  Did I have it all wrong!
          Proverbs 8-9 discuss that the House of Wisdom has cut out seven pillars to build her house that is filled with riches, honor, and righteousness.  What are those seven pillars?
1.      Prudence (H6195)
2.      Knowledge (H1847) and Discretion (H4209)
3.      Fear (H3374) of the Lord
4.      Counsel (H6098)
5.      Sound Wisdom (H8454)
6.      Understanding (H998)
7.      Strength (H1369)
You may notice that after many of these words I have the letter H and numbers in parenthesis.  This passage of the Bible is written in Hebrew, and there is a Bible Study Resource called Strongs Exhaustive Concordence of the Bible. Each word written in Greek or Hebrew is catalogued there with its passage in the Bible.  For instance, though we may find the word strength written in our modern translation throughout the Bible – it’s meaning in this Proverbs 8 passage and another could be a little different.  So when studying the Bible, it’s good to get to the root of the words. 
          That is just what I did here – I looked up the root words and meanings, because the word prudence just chaps my butt every time.  It represented a quiet church mousy type person and felt that I would have to put back on some chains to attain.  HOWEVER, BOY WAS I WRONG!
          I began looking up prudence its Hebrew root word ‘orman – and it means a shrewdness, craftiness type of prudence.  Knowledge and discretion refer to skill, cunning, and plots!  The fear of the Lord refers to reverence for an awesome and terrifying presence.  Counsel refers to advice and seeking purpose.  Sound Wisdom lends to finding knowledge that leads to abiding success (tried, tested, passed). Strength is referencing power, might, valor, bravery, force, and mighty deeds.  Go ahead, look them up – google search strongs and their numbers and see for yourselves.
          Not one of these pillars of wisdom lends to a life lived in dull quiet corners.  There are times to get back to the quietness, but these pillars lend to a life of adventure – of battles fought with the right tools, of cunning acts, and crafty plots to destroy the enemy of our souls and this time! 

          This encouraged me today to remember that even though what my daily life may look like today may seem rather uneventful, God is building these seven pillars within me, so that I am prepared and armed for the days ahead…for an irreplaceable role in a grand adventure.

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