Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Funny Thing About Fear...

The funny thing about fear, is that when you walk in it, it often creates the very thing you were afraid would happen.


For example:

Fear: you are afraid that the people you love will leave you

Fear’s Response: you either smother them and become clingy and needy or you act aloof and uncaring, thinking you are protecting your heart and playing hard to get.

Fear’s Result: Any healthy person, and most people in general will leave you if you behave this way.  Only a co-dependent will allow you to be clingy and smother them.  And only an insecure person will keep pursuing friendship with you if you are never available.

The truth: Some people will leave you.  Sometimes even if you do everything right and love them well and treat them well, people will still leave.  That’s the thing about people and freedom.  But it is still better to have at least loved your best and have no regrets, because some people will stay and you’ll have a beautiful relationship unmarred by fear and regret.


Now I want to say something, and I know I am hitting on a touchy subject, but I feel this is important.  I am not offended if you disagree, and I am willing to listen to comments. 

In the wake of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, there have been voices shouting louder to make gun bans, and I understand why.  People are hurting – how could this happen to our precious children.  People are asking why – what can we do to stop this from happening again.  But I feel strongly that the gun restrictions proposed by citizens, while often with the intent of protecting, are misled responses to fear. 

Fear: If we keep allowing guns to be legal then more school shootings could take place.

Fear’s Response: We ban the sales of certain types of firearms, heavily tax ammo, and push for keeping campuses weapon free.

Fear’s Result: Unfortunately, criminals and mentally distraught persons are more likely to break the law, so they will find access to weapons and cause destruction.  However, now they know where the good guys are unarmed and can cause mass damage with no one able to stop them.

The truth: There are people who are not well and who are intent upon causing harm.  People who want to get a message out and want revenge will go to the places that will get the most attention.  This can happen again – but if there are people who value life, who have integrity, who care for their community, and have been taught the proper use of weapons have access to them or may conceal carry – they can fight back against this evil.  Disarming the population does not stop bad things from happening – it just keeps the good guys from being able to stop it.

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