Thursday, November 29, 2012

You've Got to Stand for Something or You'll Fall for Anything

Sometimes people will misunderstand you.  Sometimes they will feel angry or offended because of your choices.  While that is not ideal – their feelings cannot be what move your choices.  We have to stand for the Truth if we really want to be in right standing with God.  And we must obey what He tells us to do – that is what we are held accountable for – the responsibilities and gifts and commands He’s given us.  No one else will have to answer to Him – not the offended, not the annoyed, not the upset…only us.  Even among close friends and family, even in the church, people will misunderstand.  We just have to choose to do our best to be considerate and respectful, but first, always first, submit and obey God.

Jesus understands that it’s hard – we care what other people think and feel – we are human, and this is not a bad thing (check out Heb. 4:15), but we still have to place those things under obedience to God.  He understands, and when we ask for help He will help us, but He is still a jealous God and He won’t be put second place to anyone.  And when you resolve to live your life sold out to the Truth, fully submitted to Him, this resolve will definitely be tested.  But don’t fear, we will all be tested, it’s how you know what your made of…and when you see that what you are made of turns out to be not so great (cowardly even), that’s the perfect opportunity to find out about the grace of God, and how relying on His strength is better than anything even the best of you could have contrived.

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