Monday, June 11, 2012

Oldie but a Goodie

Still working on my spring cleaning, and I stumbled on some poetry from high school.

This first poem was inspired by the song "I Want to be Beautiful" by Bethany Dillon.

A little dab here, and a small snip there;
every morning is this routine for perfection.
Nothing can be wrong; you must look like "her"
otherwise fear of rejection.

Smile, teeth are yellow, fix that.
Oops it's time to color, my roots are showing.
And all in the race for perfection
the bitterness is growing.

"Her" jeans are smaller than mine;
well I guess that means no eating today.
When will these pills that I am taking
make me whither away?

I want to be beautiful, I want you to stand in awe,
so I'm killing myself to hear you say
that you want to be just like me
because I am perfect everyday.

So many girls feel these emotions...
and keep their secrets hidden deep inside,
but sometimes the burden is too much to bear
and there is nowhere to hide.

This beauty is only skin deep,
and there is no way it could ever last.
but God can change your heart,
and help you make peace with the past.

I want to be beautiful, I want you to stand in awe,
Look inside my heart and be amazed.
God has made who I am quite enough,
and in Him I'm made perfect each day.

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