Saturday, January 28, 2012

Super Swooper

Sometimes I feel like it is my job to save the world. If I don’t swoop in with my hot pink cape and zebra tights (metaphorically, of course, because lets be serious…that would be one scary sight), that the world as we know it would cease to exist…well, lives would be lost, at least. You see, I have a vision, of exactly how people are meant to be, and when people are hurting and are not living up to their potential it is my job to save them from themselves, right. Wrong!

I used to be such a “swooper”, and many lives were “saved” and “held together” and made so much better with me saving the day and holding them up. That is, until I fell. Then they fell, and since I was holding them up, they fell on top of me. I had promised that I could hold them, so it wasn’t their fault. But my own weight and theirs on top nearly crushed me underneath.

Maybe the feeling that I need to save the world has to do with my personality type or maybe growing up in the church…who knows, but God giving me a family has made this dysfunctional thinking painfully obvious to me now.

My job is not to save the world…I cannot in my own strength, and God will never give me the strength to do that…He already sent His son to fill those shoes. My job is to point others to Jesus by walking out the purpose He placed on my life. When I swoop in the be their savior, no matter how much lip service to the Lord I give, I don’t turn their eyes to Him, I turn their eyes to me.

Having a family has made this painfully obvious because everywhere I go there is a need. And for a while these ever accumulating needs threatened to draw me away from the family that God has purposed me to raise up in Him. We hear of such a struggle for many men and women in full time ministry with families…they draw thousands of souls to the Lord yet neglect their own family.

God has reminded me that when I am walking in the purpose that He has given me (ie: for me right now is being a wife and mom and ministering to and from this sweet family unit), He will bring the people in and out of our life that we need to serve and direct to Him, but when I try to do it on my own and neglect the specific purposes He’s given me, then I am walking in pride and “pride comes before a fall”. This fall will bring many down with me.

But isn’t it wonderful to know that we don’t have to be superheroes. When we “are weak, He is strong”, and “His power is made perfect in weakness”. All we do is turn our eyes to Him to be our strength and surrender our lives to His purposes. It’s really just not about us at all, and we cannot do it all. And thankfully, we don’t have to…it’s all already been done for us.

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