Saturday, July 30, 2011

People are Just People

“People are just people” seems to be the phrase that I keep repeating lately.

People are broken and imperfect; even those with the best of character seem to let us down. It’s just the nature of being human.

But when you place your focus, your trust, and your security in Christ, you have the ability to lean confidently in Him. He’ll never let us down, and He always accepts us as we are (even as hard as that is to believe) because He loves us unconditionally.

In Him, you can hold two seemingly conflicting truths and maintain peace. You can recognize and discern the humanity of the people placed on your path, and realize that people will continue to follow the same patterns of behavior (no matter what they might say or even a short stint of trying harder) until they choose a drastic course change and allow God to change them. You can recognize unhealthy behaviors and set healthy boundaries to protect yourself…which basically means not expecting them to change and not placing yourself in an unwise position, but all the while, still love and accept them and appreciate all the great things about that person.

When we lean into Christ, others coming short of perfect does not cause us to fall down too. It might hurt for a bit, but we can take it to Christ. And in my own personal experience, God often shows me that this is what this person usually does, I really should not have been surprised, and I need to forgive again but use that knowledge to make better choices in the future. Thankfully, we never have to go it alone.

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