Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is the Time

For the last few days God has been working on something big in my heart...big really doesn't do it justice.  God is working a thing in my heart that I can only compare to three other spiritual milestones, one of which being the first moment that I truly accepted Christ as my savior.  The process began I don't know how long ago but has reached an intense apex that has required nearly all of my attention for the past few days. 

At the recommendation of a good friend I am reading "So Long Insecurity..." by Beth Moore.  The title didn't really grab me as exciting or life one wants to be insecure, and what person wants to read a book with the word in the's about the equivalent of reading a book on pride.  Why not just announce to the whole world "I'm an overly sensitive basket case!" 

God nudged me ahead anyway, and like everything else I have read from this incredibly wise woman who is so finely in tune with the Spirit, this book is relevant, meaty, and if you will submit it to God - transformational.  It also brings some great insight to the fact it is hardly the wallflower or basket-case type women that tend to make up the majority of insecure females.  I'm about 3/4 of the way through, and God is still working on some things in my heart, so forgive me if my writing is not quite formative just yet.  I just wanted to share one small thing that is on my heart this evening if I can spin the words into something worth reading.

We have to choose to deal with our issues now.  Why, you ask, we've been semi-successfully sweeping them under the rug and looking mostly nice and only have a few falls when someone trips over that growing lump under there.  This is why:

Yes, I just shamelessly posted a picture of my daughter...and she is beautiful, but in a society like ours today the odds of her keeping her joy and security that she knows so well now are slim.  We must deal with our issues so that our children and the generation that comes after us has some hope.  We must slay the giants so that they can enter the Promised Land. 

This sweet, precious girl is not the only little girl who's future is at stake.  Every girl that comes after you will look at you for what it means to be a woman, and if we keep trying to keep up with the crazy media frenzy and keep tearing each other down and keep pretending everything is ok all the while dying inside we set every last one of them up for failure.

I can tell you that God used my sweet Laurelei to get the gears in motion for me to get on a path to healing.  There's not a day in my life that I don't look at that face and remind myself that I can keep fighting for her to know peace and freedom and wholeness.  My sisters, my brothers, my friends, there is a world full of insecure men and women and boys and girls right on their heals that are hurting younger and younger.  We must, absolutely must, right now, seek the help and healing that we need.  We must deal with the things that are haunting us and dare to be real and honest about who we are instead of continuing to put on a facade of perfection. 

Dealing with these things and seeing them through to completion is a lifetime commitment and it won't be easy or painless, but I promise you the rewards are much greater than any momentary pain you may endure.  The fruit will show up in  your lifetime and oh the sweet moments in heaven when those who have come after us can tell us what victories they achieved because we paved the way. 

Beth Moore talks about how the word that is used in Proverbs 31 to describe a woman of "noble character" or a "virtuous" woman is used elsewhere in the Bible to describe a mighty warrior.  For this reason, she calls the passage instead "A Woman of Valor".  I don't know about you but that resonates with me.  Something about a nice, kindly, quiet little church mouse kind of a woman just doesn't stick with me often.  But a woman of valor, a warrior princess, a woman of strength fighting for her generation, for her family, for her friends...this kind of woman that I want to be.  I want to be a woman who rises to the occassion and is not afraid to go into battle to fight for those she loves and even those who will come after her that she may never know.

Think of Eowyn in Lord of the Rings.  She disguises herself as a man and goes into battle to kill the witch king.  As they fight he tells her that she is a fool because he can be killed by no man.  She laughs as she pulls off her helmet and her long hair flows out below, "I am no man!" and she slays the beast.  This is the image that dealing with our issues should conjur instead of a small woman crying about her hurts or wishing that her thighs were thinner.  WE ARE SLAYING THE BEASTS SO OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN CAN WALK IN FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY!

She is clothed in strength and dignity...not she sometimes feels strong and occassionally dignified...literally God has covered her vulnerabilities with strength and dignity.  We all have dignity because we are made in the image of our Most High God.  We can all know strength if we will humble ourselves and be vulnerable enough for God to give us His strength.

Now is the time.  I hope the image of my sweet daughter and the other children or young adults that are coming up behind you remain on your mind.  Be willing and courageous for bold and fearless for them...God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, self control, and sound mind.  Slay the giants, mighty men and women of valor, so that we might all enter into the victory that God has in store for us.  You'll experience joy and freedom you never imagined, and you never know just how your courage will echo through eternity.

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