Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sometimes the coolest thing that comes out of times when we fail is recognizing that we just aren't all that great but God loves us anyway.  It's a bit easier to accept His love when we feel like we deserve it, but in the times when we fall flat on our face we often expect Him to leave.  The times when we fall short of our expectations, of those we respect, and of what we know the Lord desires of us, the times when no matter how hard we try we just can't seem to pull ourselves together, or the times when we intentionally do what we know is wrong - all these times can break our spirit, and for me they often leave me hiding from God, feeling He must be so disappointed with me.  But it is really these times when He just wants us to sit at His feet and say, I give up.  I'm not strong enough; I am a mess; without You, I am nothing.  In this place of humility He can use us, He can mold us, and He can raise us up because we know it has absolutely nothing to do with us - it is really all about Him.

Humility.  It's a word we so casually toss around especially in Christian circles, but it is earned through much pain and sorrow and failure.  Humility comes when we recognize that in our humanity we are worthless, but by completely submitting ourselves to God, He can use this worthless person for incredible things.  It tosses out our need to try to inflate ourselves or make ourselves look bigger, and it transcends the insecure need to self-depreciate.  Humility does not make us a door mat or to think we are worthless...a synonym of humility is submissiveness, and I think that's a key point.  Humility is an honest look at the reality of ourselves, low in greatness compared to the righteousness of God, but submitting ourselves to Him, and in that becoming part of His greatness.  It looks like quiet confidence, diligent submission, and a consistently peaceful spirit.

Humility...walking out a humble life.  That's the kind of person that God can use.

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