Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This morning I was watching Joyce Meyer...Laurelei likes to call it "Mommy's show" (it comes on every morning at 7:30 on the CWAustin or you can watch it online at - there are also podcasts that you can download to listen to in your free time).  I also have some of her CD's that I listen to in the car, and she's been talking about how we pray and pray and pray for change, but when God starts to make a change we often freak out. 

Change is painful and scary; it can take us to uncharted territory where we often feel out of control.  Hello - terrifying!  But the thing is, this is often the safest place for us to be.  When we step into uncharted territory, where we don't know how to forge ahead, we have to get out of autopilot.  We have to get quiet before God and carefully listen to each step He tells us to take because we know that otherwise at any moment we might just fall off the cliff.

This year God has brought about the fruition of years of praying for changes in my life, and time and time again I feel like I just started throwing a temper tantrum in response.  I have this mental image of myself from God's perspective throwing myself on the floor, pounding my fists, kicking, and screaming...much the way my two year old responds when something doesn't go her way.  I would try to go back to old habits so that I could feel in the driver's seat and that I was really in control of what's going on...each time of course, things became a mess, but God picked me back up and put me back on the new course we are taking together.  God also has placed me in a position to make the changes I have wanted to make, but the position was that things were not all mapped out and I didn't have other things to occupy my time - also, terrifying. 

But this morning I was reminded that right now, I am starting to see the fruit of these changes in a big way, and I remember when God started rocking the boat how frightened I I hope to encourage you that if God is rocking your boat or if you are at a place in your life where the future seems uncertain and unplanned, you are in a perfect place for God to show up and make major transformation in your life.  Remember when Peter got out of the boat to walk to Jesus?  As long as he kept his eyes on Him, he could walk on can too, we can. 

You are in a perfect place for God to take you to new heights, to open new doors, and to become closer to the person He created you to resist the temptation to find a way to control or to find things just to occupy your time (which also happens to be a bad habit of mine)...relax, and let the potter do His work.  You will be all the better for it!

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  1. Thank you! That was an amazing way to put it out there & just what I needed to hear! I tend to get in the way and try rushing what God is doing or what I think should be going on. Time to "BE STILL & KNOW THAT GOD IS GOD". Thank you... to an amazing sister in Christ.

    BTW: Congratulations on the new little one!