Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert for the movie "Country Strong".

I love country music; it speaks to something deep within me; it resonates with me.  I have held off watching "Country Strong" for fear that it might raise a spirit of discontentment at where I am in life right now, a longing for the stage, but instead proved quite the opposite.

The movie outlines how fame can poison passion, and being in the spotlight creates pressures to personify an image instead of live out your life.  In the end, the lead character ends up saying that love and fame cannot coexist and to choose love.  Another character talks about living a simple life and not really caring to whom or to how many he sings, but rather just loving to sing. 

This reminded me that I am living out the fairytale...not that everyday life always feels like it, but I am married to the man of my dreams, the man I am in love with, and he is in love with me too.  We have a sweet little girl that we adore and another little one on the way.  Life is challenging, some times clearly more than others, but we have faced so much together, holding hands, trusting God - it is our adventure.  I love to sing for my family, and I do sometimes miss rocking a stage, but it has never really mattered where or to whom or how many...its just a love that God has put in my heart. 

And while it is not a bad thing to desire others to hear and enjoy my voice, there is a good deal of responsibility and pressure that comes with that, and perhaps I'd just rather own my own identity and keep it submitted to the Father.  I'd like to protect my ability to be uniquely me and the freedom in that, and what it might offer to those I love.

God really reminded me that this life that I possess, while may sometimes seem tough or monotonous and certainly less than glamorous, is such a rich adventure, the best kind, with the people I love.  It is real, not a personification, but true and deep and abiding.  And it is mine. 

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