Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Karen Kingsbury’s book Take Two From the “Above the Line” series, the characters have a discussion with an author about a book entitled Unlocked (Karen also has a book by this title, but I haven’t had an opportunity to check it out yet…). In Take Two the author articulates that the book is representative of a real life relationship between herself and her younger sister who was autistic. “The doctors used to tell us she was unreachable, that she lived alone in her own little world…But I knew otherwise. When we were alone, I’d put on music…I would start dancing, and after a minute, she’d smile at me and join in. Music gave us a bridge. We often danced across it.”

Music can also be this way in our faith…

“In some ways – until we find that life-saving faith in Christ – we’re all autistic. Living in our own world, trapped by the smallness of our existence and needing something, anything, to pierce the silence and open our eyes to the reality around us. Music can introduce people to God.”

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