Saturday, March 5, 2011

Modern Friendship

Why and how do we seek friendship?  We live in such a transactional society that is always "connected", and this seems to have taken over the realm of relationships too.  It seems like people spend time together out of boredom, to be entertained or have a project, rather than the joy of one another.  There is constant calling and messaging, and expectations of being available all day via phone, email, or facebook.  It is busy, rushed, unfruitful, and often draining.
I have found that the most enriching friendships usually take place between people with full lives that are not pursuing someone to fill a need or fill up time.  There is something so much more fulfilling about a friendship in which you desire to make time to spend with one another because you simply desire to really know and love on each other. 
This truth has really come to a head for me now that I am a stay at home mom.  I do not have an enormous amount of free time, as many might assume, but rather less...scheduled time.  But I am rarely bored, and when I am, I take that time to seek the Lord, to read, to study, to reflect, etc.  God is showing me how to stop pursuing relationships, but rather to pursue Him, and allow Him to open and shut the doors for relationships that He desires for my life.  It's rather freeing, and much less exhausting. 

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