Monday, November 8, 2010

An Addendum to Separation of Church and State

I started off with one point and rabbit trailed to another; my intial point of my post was to say that patriotism and faith in Jesus Christ cannot be made equal or enmeshed, neither can full separation of church and state be possible without just making politics a religion.

Instead, as Christians we must pray for our country, leaders, and military; we need to ask God for wisdom and discernment about the character of people and the Truth behind the laws when it comes time to vote. We must ask God to help us not be swayed by the tide of popularity or the cloud of confusion in the media; instead we must be quiet and listen to the Word of the Lord.

Patriotism is important. We are a part of this nation, and blood was shed for us to enjoy the freedoms we now posses. Christians should not abandon patriotism to say that America has now lost God's favor. God is graceful and long suffering; we must pray that God will raise up those who Love Him and follow His Ways.

We must also be careful in teaching about America's founding principles and purposes that we do not distort Christianity to be somehow enmeshed with patriotism. America was founded on Godly principles, and God began a good work in our country, but our country is run by a flawed humanity, many of which do not even claim to serve the God we Trust.

Check out the sermon by Pastor Gene Mills on Resetting our Values at, select watch sermons, and check out 10/24/2010.

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