Friday, February 26, 2010


It is amazing how God places people in your life to teach you about His character. So often Scott teaches me new faces of the God I thought I knew so well. He is an incredible man, and I love watching him with our Laurelei. How truly beautiful watching their relationship blossom; I watch as Laurelei tries to steal his attention and then runs away looking behind for him to come after her. She squeals with delight as he chases her and then scoops her up into his arms. Even now, she is learning that her warrior will chase her and run to her, he will protect her, he will be there in her time of need, and how sweet to see a strong man be so tender. Scott's warrior heart, pursuing the heart of our precious Laurelei, protecting her as a delicate flower, yet seeing the fierceness that lies within - my dear husband, made in the image of our Most High God. Thank you Lord for this precious reflection of how you Love, Pursue, and Protect us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Temporary Home

This was my temporary home, not where I belong,
just windows and rooms, that I was passing through.
It's just another stop on the way to where I'm going,
and I'm not afraid because I know
This is my temporary home.

It's a done deal - I'll miss that place. So many memories that still whisper to me from across those floors and along the land. So, so many memories...