Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am finding the romance in every day life when Laurelei wakes too early and we place her in bed with us. I just look at us, feel the warmth of snuggling all together, as we steal a few more hours of sleep. Precious moments shared, moments that will forever be ingrained in my memory.
It is a challenge, at times, when life does not line up with my dreams, but I we are doing this thing. We are conquering this, and our dreams will become reality. These little moments of inspiration, spur me on; like the cool breeze blowing through our windows this morning reminding me a new season is upon us. Ahh, I can feel it coming.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lining the Path with Rose Petals

It has been quite a bit of time since I have last sat down to write. Between work, school, and loving on my sweet family, there seems little time for reflection lest I break down. I renamed my blog today "Lining the Path with Rose Petals". This is a word painting of the image I have of me following the path the Lord has set for me, but also as a flower girl prepares the path for the bride, me flowering the path for our sweet Laurelei so that she knows her way Home.