Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Church

What is our role in the "church"? The answer begins, first, by defining what we mean by church. I mean there is the body of Christ, being all believers, past, present, future, united in our cause of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth and spreading the Word. Then there is the institution of church. There are so many denomenations, worship styles, ideologies, whatever...the fact is that all that is useless without the direction of the Lord to say - Here, this is where I have you to be, and how, this is how I have you to serve.
Our dear friends remind us that while searching perhaps for the specific church body that we are going to align ourselves with in cause and community service, we must remember to stay in the community of believers who will remind us that life is not about us. As we search for the church home to challenge us and grow us, that needs the gifts that God has given us to offer, and that will nurture our relationship with the Lord, one another, and foster Laurelei's growth into a fully equiped follower of Christ, will you, my brothers and sisters, will you pray for us? Pray that God will teach us to think of church in the way that we should, that He would give us wisdom, direction, and that we would clearly hear His voice, fervently follow His direction, and diligently pursue the place He has for us until such time as we are sure of His call. And that God would give us the desire and strength to commit to the calling He has placed on our lives, and that until we find the church home that we would not use that as an excuse to become so wrapped up in our own lives that we cease to serve the people we come in contact with daily, weekly, etc.

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