Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Identity Crisis, You Say

"Identity Crisis" defined - distress and disorientation (especially in adolescence) resulting from conflicting pressures and uncertainty about and one's self and one's role in society

May I just say that this is exactly (minus the adolescence part) what I have been experiencing. For how long? One can only speculate. But for certain since the moment I found out I was pregnant or the moment my girly was born, I have been having an identity crisis.

I thought I needed to find myself, go back to my old self, or just be someone else. Though I am not inclined to follow all her advice, she often has a person on her show that offers a word that speaks to me. You know who I am talking about - Oprah, of course. Yesterday she had on the authors of a book entitled, "I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper". They spoke about the dishonesty or rather withholding of information found especially, it seems, among moms. There are just so many things no one ever told you. Anyway, they went on to say that once you become a mom you can never return to the person you once were; for the rest of your life you are tethered in some form to this other human being and you will never be the same - how discouraging, right. Wrong. She went on to say that you must reinvent yourself.

Reinvent myself? I have done that before, and you know what, I can do that again. It is time now to reinvent me, and the only reason I need to look back on the old me is to remind myself that I have done this before with discipline and diligence and the Lord will help me to do this again. It is time to be, to become that great woman that I am meant to be, that I want to be, that is me.

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