Monday, November 24, 2008

A LIfe Worth Retelling

Life is often not what I expected. I am a dreamer, a romantic, and oftentimes I look back and realize that even though it was not the way that I expected it was a story of epic proportions. The truth, the reality, was far more worth writing down, retelling, and remembering for future days.

These days have been trying. Some days I find myself just right on the brink of falling it feels like. When I wake up the next morning and realize that I have not, in fact, fallen, and that God has given me the motivation to face this new day - I feel stronger, wiser.  God is building staying power within me.
Now the prayer is thankfulness for the assertiveness and wisdom and heart transformation so that the things that I do or say will bring honor and glory to God.

I'd like to have the faith of a child and wisdom of the aged. I'd like to live a Life worth retelling, but not too much time spent writing it down.

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